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Posted: 12.31.69 by in
I've never created foreign keys in my database schemas and always wondered why it was necessary. Now I know why, and that it isn't necessarily necessary in most of my cases.
Posted: 11.10.18 by Jamie in Programming - MYSQL
Consider the receiver of your email is treating your rantings as entertainment. They want to rile you up so they can be more entertained. Do your best to NOT entertain them.
Posted: 11.10.18 by Jamie in Behavior
Warren Buffet explains his concept of taking care of his mind, the way you would take care of a car if you only had one that had to last you for the rest of your life.
Posted: 11.12.18 by Jamie in Life
External link to the best fish with some recipes and ideas for the best ways to cook them.
Posted: 11.16.18 by Jamie in Nutrition
Take ten minutes a day for a few days and think kind thoughts about strangers you see. Ultimately, this will change your attitude from negative to positive.
Posted: 12.9.18 by Olinations in Human Behavior
Smart people tend to easily accept data that proves their preconceived beliefs, while they search for faults in data that goes against their ingrained beliefs. So how then do you get people to change their mind?
Posted: 12.9.18 by Jamie in Behavior
Jim Kwik gives lessons on how to stop procrastinating, how to remember things easier, and how to be happier with your life.
Posted: 12.12.18 by Jamie in Behavior
The founder of Alibaba, the world's biggest, ever-expanding company, gives his advice on how to focus on what you want so that you actually achieve your goals.
Posted: 12.23.18 by Jamie in Life