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Think Positive Thoughts of Strangers

By Olinations in Lessons / Human Behavior  12.9.18  (Source)
Summary - Take ten minutes a day for a few days and think kind thoughts about strangers you see. Ultimately, this will change your attitude from negative to positive.
Making life changes is difficult, this change is easy.

Too often we think negative thoughts of strangers. We see a homeless person and assume they are a bad person. We see a person with bad clothes and think they are a fool or ugly. These negative thoughts add up to a bad attitude. When we then encounter other people we do so with a bad attitude and are treated as such. Perhaps we are seen as insufferable or rude.

Instead, think kind thoughts of strangers. For the homeless person try empathy instead of negativity. For the person with run down clothes, find a positive they do have, like their thick hair, or nice skin. Then, when you encounter people throughout the day you will do so with a positive, empathetic energy and people will see you as happy, kind and loving and will treat you as such.

Another good line from the article is that is you think you are stupid you will do stupid things. What this means is that your thoughts of yourself are self-fulfilling.