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Programming - React by Jamie

Build a password strength meter based on zxcvbn password checker.
Posted on Mar. 11, 2019 by Jamie
I recently added a contact form to my Power Todos app, these are my notes on how I achieved setup this form using Google's ReCaptcha and the react-google-recaptcha package.
Posted on Mar. 10, 2019 by Jamie
getDerivedStateFromProps is a static method, which means it does not have access to the 'this' keyword, so how then do you update the state?
Posted on Mar. 8, 2019 by Jamie
When interviewing for a react javascript job, these are some questions other programmers have encountered in job interviews. Side effects, functional programming, component lifecycles, state, props, inheritance, composition.
Posted on Mar. 8, 2019 by Jamie
Server robots.txt file, certbot verifcation file, or other plain html or other pages using this React Router trick...
Posted on Mar. 1, 2019 by Jamie
Without using the redux-persist plugin we can easily use localStorage to persist the redux store, or even just parts of the store.
Posted on Feb. 24, 2019 by Jamie
When a user logs out we want to clear all state. But state may be present in different reducers, so how do we clear all of the different state properties?
Posted on Feb. 11, 2019 by Jamie
By running npm create-react-app a ton of stuff happens behind the scenes.
Posted on Feb. 6, 2019 by Jamie
Understanding how Javascript stores variable values in memory will help you produce code that uses less memory. In React, we can use this memory to understand when we should create stored functions, rather than arrow functions that need to be recreated with each render.
Posted on Feb. 6, 2019 by Jamie
Thunk vs Saga vs Observable/RxJs vs Promise Middleware.
Posted on Feb. 2, 2019 by Jamie
Firebase cloud functions are functions stored on the firebase server. They have a similar concept to an express server. They are meant to listen for things that happen on the server and then send responses to the frontend.
Posted on Jan. 29, 2019 by Jamie
Register a new user using Firebase Authentication services in React. Use Firebase to store the user's profile data. Auth handles the password and email validations.
Posted on Jan. 28, 2019 by Jamie
Setup a Firebase project. Start a Firestore database. Sync firestore and firebase reducers with the rootReducer. Add data via actions and update the state. Retrieve and display data on the frontend.
Posted on Jan. 25, 2019 by Jamie
Create a store. Subscribe to the store. Create the root reducer. Provide access for the store to the App. mapStateToProps in a component. mapDispatchToProps in a component. Connect component props to maps. Create actions. Process the actions in the reducer.
Posted on Jan. 11, 2019 by Jamie
The very basics of React. Practice coding to increase memory retention.
Posted on Dec. 29, 2018 by Jamie