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Javascript Interview Guide - Practice Questions & More

By Jamie in Lessons / Programming - JS  1.3.19  (Source)
Summary - Top 20 questions most JS developers get stumped on. They are pretty basic and if you are a JS developer you should know most of them off the top of your head. But you may need a refresher on a few.
For further reference, go here to see JS interview questions, as well as questions in any other programming language.

Full synopsis of the top 20 questions linked to in the source article coming soon...

Arrow functions and the 'this' keyword. When creating an arrow function, the 'this' does not exist within the function, so it jumps scope and looks to the outer this of wherever it is in context. 

In React - this means that you can bind this to a method by either setting this.method = this.method.bind(this) in the constructor, or simply creating an arrow function of the method instead of explicitly binding it