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Master Something and You Will Become Passionate About It

By Jamie in Lessons / Life  12.10.18  (Source)
Summary - Most of the time you can't make money at things you are passionate about, but that's okay, because science reveals we are actually passionate about things we are good at. So, find something that can support a life, then become a master at it. The passion comes with the mastery.
Pick a skill that you think will earn you a lot of money in life. Get good at it. Become a master at it.

The things we are passionate about are actually the things we are good at. Therefore, don't try and find something you are good at and make money at it, rather, find something you know will make money, then get good at it. Ultimately, become a master. With mastery comes success, pride, and passion.

Stop wasting your time trying to find the perfect thing! 

How to master something? Read the source article for those details...