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Most Efficient Way to Learn a New Skill

By Jamie in Lessons / Learning  12.10.18  
Summary - The quickest way to mastery of a skill is to watch and copy an expert over and over again.
The study was with fighter pilots and they found that a student became a master quickest when they watched and copied an expert repeatedly. This was faster than reading a book and practicing, faster than watching a video. The trick is to follow someone who is really good at something, don't ask too many questions, just do what they do. If you keep repeating this you will eventually become just as good as the expert because you are learning through trial and error, but importantly you are being led by someone who is teaching you to do something the right way.

I saw this in a Ted talk I think about how to learn a new programming language, but it applies to learning any skill.

Think, learning piano, guitar, singing, programming, playing a sport.