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Get Stronger, Reduce Stress, Live Longer

By Jamie in Lessons / Health  1.8.19  (Source)
Summary - Get in shape in 8 minutes. Get stronger in 20 minutes. Lose stress in 2 minutes. Live longer by deleting 1 thing from your diet.
Get in Shape, Quicker
You don't have to work out for two hours everyday. As far as exercise goes for your heart, all you need is 8 minutes a day of very intense cardio. Two minutes at a decent pace, then 20 seconds as hard as possible, then two more minutes at a decent pace, then 20 seconds as hard as possible, then two more minutes at a decent pace, then 20 seconds as hard as possible, then two more minutes at a decent pace. It was proven that people who exercised using this program had just as much heart and vein benefit as people who exercised at a moderate pace for a half an hour.

Get Strong, Easier
You don't have to do three sets of heavy weights and stay in the gym for hours a day to get stronger. A study has proven that people who did one set properly, gained as much strength and muscle as those who did three sets. The way to achieve these results is to aim to do one set using slow motion and weights heavy enough that when you get to reps 10-12 you cannot do anymore. You must do the lifting slowly, to a point where your muscles give out.

Lose Stress in Two Minutes
New studies have proven that doing simple box breathing exercises for two minutes will physically alter brain chemistry. Box breathing, a term coined by the US Marines for their technique of breathing while in the stresses of active war, will release dopamine and take the focus of your brain off the amygdala (the part that responds to stress and creates anxiety). To do box breathing, you simply take a deep breath into your stomach, so that your stomach rises, not your chest or shoulders. You take this deep breath in for 4 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, then exhale a minimum of 8 seconds. You must release all the carbon dioxide in your body completely, then repeat. Doing this 6-10 times will instantly calm you. Do this twice a day, even when you aren't stressed in order to maintain a level of calm all day long. Do this everyday and your overall stress levels will decrease to normal levels perpetually.

Live Longer by Cutting Out One Ingredient
Sugar. It has been proven that eating sugar on a daily basis will decrease the length of your telomeres in your white blood cells. People with shorter telomeres in their white blood cells die sooner than those with long telomeres. It's that simple. Studies have shown that all it takes is three weeks of sugar consumption to start shortening the length of these telomeres. Sugars in fruits and vegetables did not have similar effects. Only the kind of sugar that was added to things like soft drinks, candies, cakes, cookies, etc. played a role.